Friday, February 08, 2008

Linking Tag

I was tagged by So'od, to list out five of my favourite links. The links can be of business sites, favorite sites, affiliate links or whatever suits me. Then I should also tag five more people to share their links. At the end of the tag, it is hope that we would be able to share good links from each others.

However there are Rules for it as follows:

1. MUST be clean. No X-rated sites.

2. Only FIVE links.

3. MUST tell 5 people.

4. A link back to the person who tagged you.

5. An active link.

For So'od here the list of five, although I do have many more.

1. This is a site where I can get important information regarding the weather and sea condition around out waters. This is very useful especially when I have my survey team out there doing their work or for planning of the jobs that we have to perform.

2. One of the few online newspapers that I read.

3. The site I go to, to get more information regarding photographies.

4. Interesting site for those who think, they need to learn more about Islam.

5. If you want additional info on ICT, maybe you can get it from here.

Okey, the first five visitors please share your favorite links with us. Thank you for being a sport. I hope So'od is happy with this.


The 5 first visitors are;

1. Shah Cakapaje

2. Fauziah

3. Ruby Ahmad

4. Tokasid

5. Jaflam

And I know they will share their favorite links with us.


Kak Lady said...

Salam zabs...

Kak lady perasan...kalau zabs kene tag aje...& the following 5 person yang masuk sini kene buat...mesti takde orang nak komen dulu...tapi disebabkan kak lady dah kene tag...jadi kak lady beranilah tulis...hehehe...dulu masa lom kene tag...just masuk diam2...lepas baca...senyap2 aje keluar... :)

So'od said...

salam uncle..
thanks for completing this tag..
and thanks for sharing your favourite links with all of us..:)
dah habis cuti2 malaysia ke uncle? pegi mana?

Zabs said...

Salam Kak Lady,
Terima kasih kerana mengingatkan saya. Saya dah semak dan sudah tahu pelawat yang datang itu. Dengan kuasa yang diberi pada saya, saya akan update dan mempersilakan mereka untuk buat tag ini. TQ.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zabs,

Hehe...memula tu, ingat nak ulangi perangai waktu kat sekolah...bila ada minta volunteer, senyap senyap undurkan diri lol! Tapi akan daya, teknoloji dah jauh ke hadapan, hehe.

InsyAllah, akan saya buat nanti ye.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zabs
Thanks for the tag. Will share my favourite links shortly.

Zawi said...

Ada lagi tag baru ya. Masih terhutang satu tag oleh Fauziah mengenai muhibah, masih menggaru kepala macam mana nak buat.

Zabs said...

Shah & Fauziah: Thanks, I know both of you will come back. Salam.

Zawi: I know. That is you are spare this time, from me at least. Saya pun tengah cari2 ilham nak tulis tentang muhibbah tu. Thank you for dropping by. Take care. Salam.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zabs, noticed you read 'Ken Rockwell'. Me too. Have been reading his, "how to", and other photography techniques many years now.
I used to do scenery but got bored after many years, so switched to portraits as I find it more challenging, i.e. portraits of women. How to make them look beautiful with my Nikon SLR (film) camera.
And have ready and willing 'models' anytime from friend's sisters, daughters and mothers too, ha ha.
And my reward is their later loud exclaimation, "OHH MY GOD! Is that me"? Its fun.
I'm now eyeing the Nikon D300 with the SB80 and an SB60 to accompany. But afraid of giving my isteri a cardiac arrest when she hears of the price, ha ha. Best regards, Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hey Zabs, I forgot. Noticed your 'age' in your profile. Is that a typo error? You sure don't look that age.
I would subtract 15 from there. You certainly look very young for your age number...Ha ha, Lee.

Zabs said...

Lee: I will scenery first before changing to potraits, like you. I have a lot to learn about photography. I am using DX40 and SB40 at the moment and intending to buy another lense(18-200mm) if the finance allows. The DX300 and SB80 sure will cost a fortune, but shooting using digital camera will definite make your portraits at least 10 time better.
Regarding the age, haiya Lee you make me smile early in the mornnglah. As you said, the photo can be make to look good. With photoshop software (I don't know how to use it) my son said he can make anybody to look like a film star. Hahaha...

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Zabs:

InsyaALLAH akan lakukan dalam masa terdekat. Saya dah berhutang 2 tag. Satu dgn Che'gu utk tag Muhibbah dan yg ini.

Sabor je le nunggu ye!

Neeza Shahril said...

the first link tu best la. tak tahu pun link tu before. thanks for sharing. nak admit ni.. I was here before.. tapi takut nak tinggal comment.. coz.... tahu2 je lah ekkk... phobia kena tag la.. ;)

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Zabs,

Waduh! A tag rupa nya..ha ha. Saya pun macam Zawi, ada hutang tag ni..he he. Terima kasih tiga ribu, sebab nampak U Lee pun ada sini, pakai TQ kesukaan Lee...oh where was I? Oh ya terima kasih tiga ribu sebab sudi melibat kan saya. Beri saya masa yang tiada limit ya..ha ha.

I will check it out the link for photography itu. Interested pula nak get tips on better photography.

Ok Zabs, keep well.

Zabs said...

Tokasid: Terima kasih, mungkin kita boleh kongsi links terbaik yang tuan telah jumpa.

Neeza: Takpa, tapi kalau nak kongsi links pu boleh..

Zabs said...

Ruby: Thank you for agreeing to do the tag (time unlimited). I know you have interesting links to share with us. Jutaan terima kasih. Lee's seribu too small to be used for you.
The photography link is quite useful, that is if the tips provided are used correctly, which, in my case, is not happening yet. Salam.

alan zed said...

hehe. klfm yg x tahan tue...

zino said...

zabs pun main tag2 jugak hehe..

Zabs said...

Alan: Ya, mungkin boleh luaskan sedikit persepsi kita.

Zino: Nak buat camno. Orang dah suko.

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